Silvio Berlusconi offended the newsman and was offended himself

How the newsman was beaten and offended by the ministers

In brief: Press-conference of the Italian Prime-minister was finished with scandal.

The Prime-minister of Italy Silvio Berlusconi offended the journalist. The matter is that during the press-conference Berlusconi began the cross-fire with the journalist who had answered him the question about the corruption in government.

Thus Berlusconi said that he was not only the Prime-minister but also an industrial magnate. He said the he could not allow speaking to him in such provocative manner and blamed the journalist in having neither conscience nor education. After offences the newsman was forced to stay also physical violence. The Minister of defense of Italy began to kick away annoying reporter.

The newsman had been offended by the first persons of the Italian government stated that he was ready to file suit against the Prime-minister and the minister of defense on using by them physical power. Berlusconi had also been offended and quit continuing the conference.

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2010-03-11 17:05, Society.

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