Volcano in Iceland: ash is more dangerous, than it’s declined

Volcano in Iceland became problem for Europe

In brief: Volcano in Iceland keeps Old World in fear.

Volcano in Iceland is more dangerous, than we thought earlier. Ash, throwing by the Icelandic volcano Eyjafjallajoekull contains dangerous for livestock fluorine compounds, which can create serious problems for European farmers, said in an interview with geophysicist Met Iceland Sigurlaug Hyaltadottir.

“The small particles of ash that fell on the south-east of Iceland and in small amounts were recorded in Europe, contain large amounts of fluoride (ftorvodorodnoy salt or hydrofluoric acid), which is very harmful for livestock. Therefore, all cattle must remain on the premises and should be provided with fresh water, but no rain “, – scientist said.

“Farmers are very concerned that the eruption could last, in which case it would represent a major threat to them at all next year” – she added.

The volcano, located in the south of Iceland is currently emits about four million tons of ash, gas and stones in the day. Particles of ash emitted to a height of about 3-4 kilometers and are dispersed by wind to the south and east. Currently, a cloud of ash has closed a large part of Europe.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-18 10:33, Society.

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