Volcano in Iceland and global cataclysms

Volcano in Iceland and the end of the world

In brief: Who knows - perhaps even a volcano of Iceland is destined to leave the train not only in the history of aviation and meteorology.

Volcano in Iceland is only a speck of dust in the system of global cataclysms. Icelandic volcano, whose name I will not dare say without hesitation, have reached the hackneyed idea of the fragility of civilization, that nature is still far stronger than man, well and the transitory nature of existence in general. With such a melancholy head Europeans should be particularly pleased to enjoy the heavenly glow of the eruption – an unprecedented scarlet and purple sunsets, like the one he saw in his unit Shakhmatovo June 4, 1901:

The skyline is in flames – and unbearably clear …

Greeks chudilas in the hot crater of Etna’s forge of Vulcan, who helped forged out of gold female robot, Dante – the gates of Hell. Major eruptions have left an indelible mark on culture.

There is a version according to which is described in the Book of Exodus, the Egyptian darkness, and made way for Jews in the Red Sea – nothing like the eruption of Santorini in 1470 BC. Oe. His magnificent plume spreads over the whole Mediterranean and reached North Africa. A cloud of ash was so thick that Egypt for three days and really comprehended impenetrable darkness. Moses could only wave his hand, as taught him by God.

Vladimir Abarinov (Washington)

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-04-19 12:51, Society.

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  1. Igor Says:

    Thank you for your proper references and warnings aimed to awaken our contemporary civilization! Igor Kaliberda from Istanbul, Turkey

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