Volcano in Iceland is unpredictable

Volcano in Iceland - how long it'll be

In brief: Volcano in Iceland makes new problems for europeans.

How long will the ash and smoke of volcano in Iceland will make problems for Europe – is unknown. So said a member of the Commission on Education of the International Geographical Union Vladimir Gorbanev. The scientist explained to journalists that Iceland – a unique place, both geographically and from a geological point of view. The fact is that once America and Europe were inseparable. Then a huge ancient continent split.

“Formed seam. Ocean Atlantic ridge. In some places it reaches the surface. Iceland – part of the rift, which was released to the surface. It is very unstable, turbulent and dangerous place. The second is on the globe are hard to find. Icelanders literally sitting on a volcano “, – says Gorbanev.

Science seismology is not so developed to predict the duration of the eruption of the volcano. Scientists can only surmise and conjecture.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-20 16:01, Society.

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