Volcano in Iceland – impact on economy

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Volcano in Iceland became a real disaster for world’s economy. Icelandic volcanic eruption has brought the world huge business losses. There is almost no industry, which at least indirectly affected the cloud of ash. Significantly affected the tourism industry. According to preliminary calculations, the losses exceeded one billion euros.

The daily expense of air carriers is estimated at $ 200-250 million. Energetic and count losses: fewer flights – it sold less fuel – as a result of “Royal Dutch Shell” and BP are losing capitalization.

The volcano has become one of the key factors in the stock market. Plunged in value shares of the largest food companies, such as “Nestle”, “Parmalat” and “Danisco”. The reason – poor delivery of products. Corporation to seek ways to ground transportation of their products.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-21 00:12, Economics.

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