Volcano in Iceland: volcanic ash may affect health

Volcanic ash may be dangerous to people with diseases of respiratory system

In brief: The WHO representatives warn about the influence of volcanic ash on health.

The cloud of volcanic ash that formed as the result of volcanic eruption in Iceland and covered Europe disturbed Europeans not only because it caused the paralysis of air communication. It was also unknown whether volcanic ash from the cloud affects health or not.

Though in the beginning the World Health Organization assured that the volcanic ash possesses no danger to people’s health it seems now that this information isn’t quite accurate. The smallest particles of volcanic dust that are considered to be the most dangerous to people health at first were found only in the zones nearest to the eruption but now they have moved further in the cloud of volcanic ash. Though the accumulation of these particles in people’s lungs won’t lead to serious health problems or lethal outcome, it can affect people having diseases of respiratory system. It is recommended to such people living in the regions currently covered by the cloud of volcanic ash to refrain from outdoors activities and to keep their medications near.

Olga Bespalova
2010-04-22 07:29, Society.

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