Volcanic eruption in Iceland: volcanic activity has noticeably decreased

The decreasing of the activity may indicate the new phase of the eruption

In brief: Eyjafjallajokull volcano activity has decreased in the last few days.

Volcanic eruption in Iceland drew a wide response in Europe, paralyzing air communication and keeping millions of people trapped in the airports for five days. But now the volcano’s activity seems to decrease, though the scientists warn that it doesn’t mean that Eyjafjallajokull calms down.

According to Icelandic volcanologists, activity of Eyjafjallajokull volcano has decreased in ten times in the last few days. The speed of magma eruption has lowered to 30 cubic meters per second. The volcano is also seems to produce less ash than before. Volcanologists consider that these features may indicate the new phase of the eruption.

But the situation with the cloud of volcanic ash that remains above Europe is still uncertain. Meteorologists predict strong winds that are going to appear higher in the skies, making the situation more complicated.

Olga Bespalova
2010-04-22 09:11, Society.

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