Large Hadron Collider and anti-particles

What is happening in Large Hadron Collider

In brief: In particular, researchers will try to find the Higgs boson, which is also called "God particle", responsible for the mass of the universe. In addition, scientists intend to reproduce the conditions of the Big Bang, which was our universe.

Recording devices of the Large Hadron Collider recorded the first nice particle. As the press service of the Center for European Nuclear Research, to obtain it took about 10 million collisions of protons. As they note, the particle consists of a u-quark and antiquark b.

Note, the first antimatter – matter consisting of anti-particles – was synthesized in 1965. In 1995, CERN antihydrogen atoms have been synthesized, consisting of a positron and antiproton.

The interaction of matter and antimatter, their mass is converted into energy. This reaction is called annihilation. It is estimated that upon entry into the interaction of 1 kg of antimatter and 1 kg of matter released energy equivalent to the explosion 42.96 megatons of TNT.

Recall the first collision of beams of protons at full power occurred in the Large Hadron Collider on 30 March. Scientists hope that analysis of the collision of particles will penetrate the secrets of matter.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-22 22:18, Society.

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    Did you mine 1 kg of matter released energy equivalent to the explosion 42,960,000,000 kg of TNT.

    Relay I amazed
    Before that I complain y Nuclear research like CERN shield be only public
    Now I afraid the end of the world because of Secret society may be part of this Research
    And the world for future is difficult; I am computer grid researcher and particle hobbyists
    Any one please sends [email protected]

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