Volcano in Iceland erupts 75 tons of magma in a second

Volcano in Iceland lives it's own life

In brief: Volcano in Iceland is active and still very dangerous.

Volcano in Iceland is much more powerful, than scientists supposed. Specialists Geophysical Institute of the University of Iceland reported that the volcano, because of which almost a week was almost paralyzed flights in Europe, now emits 75 tons of magma in the second.

According to them, it is ten times less than in the first days of the eruption. Meanwhile, the British meteoagentstvo reported that the dust cloud from the eruption shifted to the north, and by 06:00 GMT Thursday (09:00 on Kiev), its southern boundary will be located north of 50 degrees north latitude.

According to the forecast, the ashes rises to a height of 12-16 thousand feet (about 3,6-4,8 thousand meters). On the level above six miles no signs of ash.

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2010-04-22 23:14, Society.

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