Tornado in Mississippi (USA): the number of victims grows

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A powerful tornado crossed the Mississippi: 10 people were killed. An unusually powerful tornado swept walked across the Mississippi and caused the deaths of at least ten people and inflicted extensive damage – in hundreds of buildings ripped off roofs, knocked down power lines, blocked a highway. One of the cars with people tornado tossed into the air and knocked on the roof of the restaurant.

It is already known that the “sad list of” three children. It is expected that the number of fatalities and injuries is likely to increase as parsing debris completely destroyed houses.

Governor of Heli Babar said that the tornado was huge and very powerful, and its diameter was “about a mile.” The head of the Mississippi is already connected to liquidation of consequences of natural disaster the National Guard.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-04-25 15:25, Society.

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