Barcelona – Inter: score by surprise

Inter - Barcelona: italian players go to final

In brief: Barcelona just can't do anything with the defenders of Inter.

Barcelona – Inter – account still has not opened. Spanish players push, Inter confidently defend… And now some moments of the game in which Barcelona tries to beat Inter. As we see it’s a very difficult for catalonians, some facts of the match:

68 ‘Another attack lace Barcelona. All is well until the guys are not going to obstrenie. Here they neradzurri and covered with giblets.

67 ‘Muntari changes Sneijder guests.

66 ‘Interisty crook pulling time.

65 ‘Cesar is good output. Another corner Barça will bring …

64 ‘A judge makes a suggestion Moruinyu. And that inspires something arbitrator in turn.

63 ‘Double substitution at Barça. Bojan instead Ibrahimovic, Heffren instead Busquets.

62 ‘As he fell, he was still hurt and Kivu. Togo quickly mend.

61 ‘Messi falls in the penalty! Penalty no. Perhaps he really was falling.

60 ‘Pedro strikes bottom because of the penalty. Past. And a minute drip …

59 ‘Javi threw the ball to Alves, he hung from the flank into the penalty area, there were just three or four blue-garnet, but none of them the ball not hit.

58 ‘Dani Alves in the offside. It is quite usual to see him there.

57 ‘Toure strikes from afar. Again, inaccurate.

56 ‘On-site fans “Barca” I would have really started to strain. A goal in the last 10 minutes closer to their team did not. Somehow the Italians are more confident after the break. A hammer that will take blood from his nose …

55 ‘Failed act out the hosts regular standard

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2010-04-28 20:18, Society.

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