Volcano in Iceland has sent new portion of ashes and dust

Europe is still afraid of the ashes

In brief: Over part of Europe extends cloud of volcanic ash, the Europeans are waiting for the resumption of air flights tomorrow.

Volcano continues to make great problems for EU, that can’t be solved anyway. In some European countries once again extend a cloud of volcanic ash – from the volcanic eruption in Iceland. Hundreds of flights canceled in airports in Portugal, Spain and Germany. Disrupted as flights in France, Italy, closed some airports in Austria.

Planes did not take Munich and Nice – there have canceled dozens of flights. It is possible that in the near future will close the air gate of the city’s Mediterranean coast, including Cannes, where three days later to begin the famous film festival. Before temporarily blocked off part of the airspace, Portugal, Spain and Italy.

Icelandic volcano had been silent for nearly 200 years old, woke up in March this year. The eruption was thrown into the sky a huge cloud of volcanic ash, which quickly spread over Northern Europe.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-09 21:01, Society.

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