David Miliband – the new leader of the British Labour

The next move of a horse from the British Labour Party.

In brief: David Miliband will replace Gordon Brown in summer of this year - experts say, but Gordon Brown may soon bid farewell to politics.

After the crushing failure of the Labour Party in elections to the British Parliament, the new party leader could be David Miliband – Minister of Foreign Affairs in the government of Gordon Brown. In this most experts agree, the views are published today in the British press.

Brown has already said that he would resign as party leader. According to policy, he is not going to stay in office longer than necessary to ensure that the country is back on the path of economic growth and rapid progress of political reform. It is expected that Brown would resign before the autumn. However, he did not name the name of a possible successor and said he was not going to support anyone.

The British media have noted that this step Brown is a sort of “foul last resort” in an effort to involve coalition of Liberals and Democrats. Brown takes to win over the Liberal Democrats, called the article on the front page of the business Financial Times, Guardian and chose the title “Brown played the last card.” This statement calls the Guardian Brown resignation from the post of leader of the Labour Party “a dramatic attempt to” hold on to power in coalition with the Liberal Democrats. But to achieve a majority in parliament to the Union Labour and Liberal Democrats will have to join another, and several smaller parties – including the Greens, as well as Scottish and Welsh nationalists.

44-lenny Miliband, who has a light hand of Alastair Campbell, the chief political consultant Tony Blair’s political circles in Britain nicknamed “Brains”, is since 2001 a member of the House of Commons, and in June 2007 by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom. His father was a famous Marxist theoretician, born in Brussels in a family of Jewish refugees from Poland and emigrated to Britain in 1940 during the occupation of Germany, the Benelux countries. My brother – Ed Miliband – British Minister of Energy and Climate Change in the office of Brown. Miliband graduated from the department of philosophy, politics and economics at Oxford University in 1990, graduated from Department of Political Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-11 08:33, Society.

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