Dow Jones Industrial Average surprises euro

Dow Jones is strong enough

In brief: The fall of the index in early trading did not stop Dow Jones Industrial Average a further increase to a maximum of the current week.

Dow Jones Industrial Average is showing a positive trend. Growth can be called stubborn and very confident. Europe, and Asia should be envious to resistance of the main U.S. index. Strong-willed victory it is fittingly called for a jerk up of Dow Jones Industrial Average. The U.S. stock market shows a moderately positive trend after a period of oscillations in Flat. After Monday indexes soared to dizzying peaks in the background of news about the European stabilization fund, the U.S. market refuses to be corrected. It would seem that Europe is today well directed retreating on all fronts, showing his skepticism about the idea of a controversial fund the IMF and the EU, but the market does not think the United States to support the correctional movement.

Internal macroeconomic statistics gave quite a favorable background trading – wholesale sales in March rose by 2.4% the forecast growth of 1%, stocks of wholesalers in the third month in a row grew, reflecting the reaction to the growing consumer demand. On the other hand, China is now presented is not the most pleasant news – inflation accelerated in April, and industrial production growth slowed. All this puts downward pressure on commodities, according to the “Chinese factor”. Now the index broad-market Standard & Poor’s 500 is trading with an increase of 0.50% on a mark to 1,165.53 points, the light blue-chip Dow Jones Industrial Average adds 0,44% to a level of 10,832.75 points and the index high-tech Nasdaq Composite traded in positive territory at 0.86% on a mark to 2,395.17 points. The dollar index rose by 0.28%, gold and silver added 1.3% and 4,1% respectively, industrial metals in general retreat and energy are traded in the black.

In the composition of the index of blue chips lost more than 2% shares Alcoa – apparently against the background of concerns from China. More than 1% is added American Express, Home Depot, Walt Disney; AIG shares and does climbed 4.5%. The largest bond insurer MBIA has fallen off to 5.5% after the publication of a quarterly report – the first loss for the quarter totaled $ 1.5 billion, or $ 7.22 per share, compared with a profit of $ 696.7 million, or $ 3.34 per share a year earlier. Shares online travel agency failed on 13,7% – the company issued a rather weak forecast for current quarter, particularly against the euro and reduce the crisis in Greece.

The gold mining sector today has success with the bulls through the rise of prices for precious metals higher marks in the $ 1,218 per troy ounce. Newmont Mining shares traded with an increase of 4,9%, paper Seabridge Gold added more than 10%. Zale Jewelry Chain salons strengthened by 6,3% on news that the company received sekyuritizovanny loan of $ 150 million from Golden Gate Capital, which gives the latter the right to purchase up to 25% stake in Zale.

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2010-05-11 17:47, Economics.

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