Dow Jones Industrial Average cautiously sat

The Dow Jones Industrial Average lost just a little

In brief: The Dow Jones Industrial Average was stronger than the European markets and was able to replay a fall, which happened in early trading in the U.S..

In early trading the stock market declined, but then began to rise, the index Dow Jones Industrial Average played its fall 100 points on projections that the new British government will be able to reduce the budget deficit in the country, which is slightly weakened fears that the situation in the European economy will worsen.

Stock trades in the U.S. on Tuesday ended lower indices. The growth of the company Walt Disney Co. before publishing its quarterly report on income and Newmont Mining Co. amid rising gold prices could not outweigh the reduction in stocks of companies of financial and commodity sectors, due to investor concern that admission to the eurozone rescue plan will not curb the spread of the debt crisis in the bloc. Shares Walt Disney Co., The world’s largest media companies, grew by 1.9% and shares of Newmont Mining, the largest U.S. gold miners, rose 5.8%. The energy and financial sectors showed the greatest decrease in the index, S & P 500. Multidirectional dynamic trading Tuesday, was observed after the biggest rally Index S & P 500 and Dow Jones Industrial Average for more than a year.

The growth of the S & P 500 on Monday followed the decline, from 23 April to 8.7% and its strongest weekly decline since the start of the bull market in March 2009 amid fears that European leaders are not doing enough to prevent the default of the European states. Shares Walt Disney Co. rose on expectations of a quarterly report, which will be published after the closing stock market. Better than expected results in profit for 1 quarter of 2010 from 77% of companies from the list of S & P 500 index helped to show his 19-month maximum on 23 April.

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2010-05-11 22:02, Economics.

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