U.S. consumers lost faith in the American dream

U.S. loses faith

In brief: Recession forced americans to abandon purchasing of long-term use goods, cut the use of credits and even more - to review the american dream paradigm.

The confidence of American consumers has not changed in the last week, remaining at low levels, coinciding with the average for this year, the value of -47 points against the average value of -48 points to 2009. During the week 3-9 May index of consumer comfort remained stable -47 points.

According to a survey, only 10% of respondents expressed confidence in the economy (90% expressed no confidence – it is 112 a week in a row above the level of 80%), 45% of responding responded that their personal financial situation was stable during the reporting period. Evaluating consumer climate, 24% of responding expressed satisfaction (76% believe that this is no time to spend money – at 66% and above this figure is from November 2007), – – according to a poll ABC News. This index is based on a survey of 1,000 random consumers, selected from the total population. The index measures consumer confidence in three main areas: the state of national economy, its own financial condition and the willingness of households to consume. We define an index by subtracting the negative responses of consumers, from the positive, respectively, the marginal value of an index of 100 PBC and PBC -100. Polls have begun in 1985.

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2010-05-11 23:28, Economics.

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