Forecast exchange rate euro / dollar

Rate buying euro slightly increases

In brief: Dollar against the euro reduced, but experts are confident in the power of the dollar and the volatility of European currency. Euro loses in the long term - analysts say.

Exchange rate euro is rising, but there is no hope for stability. Euro selling and little buying. Retail sales of the European currency is much higher than wholesale. Due to the fact that investors now see that the scale of the debt problems of the euro zone much more than they thought at first, still no reason for active buying euros, experts say.

“With the adoption of the euro-zone countries in the aid package, it seems that the crisis in Greece was averted, but it is not clear that would mean cost-cutting measures for the fragile economies of these countries,” – says an analyst at Mitsubishi UFJ Trust and Banking. Foreign currency analyst at Barclays Capital remain bearish sentiment toward the euro. The agreement between the ECB and the IMF means that the central bank will have to exert considerable effort to monetary policy remained free for over a long period of time, which is expected to help euro-zone countries to overcome financial difficulties. With regard to economic growth next year, according to economists, indicators of Eurozone countries, are likely to lag behind the U.S. figure of about 1.5%, to 1.5% and 2.9% respectively. Each month throughout the year exchange analysts reduce its forecasts for the euro in June. It is expected that the euro in June will be $ 1.33, while in December forecast $ 1.50.

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2010-05-12 00:43, Currency news.

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