Swine flu in Ukraine: epidemic takes away more lives

18 people died yesterday

In brief: The number of epidemic victims in Ukraine continue increasing. There have already been 344 people died of the flu and its complications including 18 died yesterday

The official information about the epidemical situation in Ukraine is reported by the Ministry of health protection. But it is already known that specialists are confused with their statistics. Among pure lies is any information about fluctuations of epidemical limit in different regions and medical’s assurances that epidemic has been coming down since its beginning.

Thus the Ministry of health protection registers the exceeding of the epidemical limit in any region and then denies that information the next day while the statistics keeps on being the same. Besides in order to calm down the panic the specialists regularly report that the flu is not the A/H1N1 virus and the epidemic is coming down.

According to the official data of the Ministry of health protection there have been 344 people died of flu and its complications including 18 dies yesterday.

From the begging of the epidemic in Ukraine there have been 1 502 345 registered accidents of flu disease. 85 905 diseased people have been hospitalized including 233 having been in reanimation.

The epidemical limit continues being above the mark in most regions of Ukraine including the capital.

Ukranian Globalist
2009-11-19 10:51, Society.

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  1. george Says:

    Hopefully, the worst is over.

  2. vandenbemd Says:

    This is just the beginning. The authorities are pannicking. They want us dead… all 5 billion of us! Our leaders are a bunch of globalist criminal psychopaths and are using overpopulation as an excuse to unleash chemical and germ warfare on the masses. Wake up!!! Get informed and tell all your folks about it. The sooner the better! We may still be able to limit the damage their holocaustic plots are intended to unleash.


  3. Annelies Says:


    You are so RIGHT !!!! For anyone who’s never heard of the Georgia Guide Stone’s, please Google and find out for youself what they want from us!! Our Lives !! Wether it’s by food-poisoning (GMO’s) fluoride, chem-trails, vaccinations, it does’nt matter. They don’t want us on this earth !!
    Three American states have mandated vaccinations: otherwise detention. See: http://www.WO3.Come2me.nl for what’s waiting for those people who’ll refuse the vaccine. Detention in one of the over 800 FEMA-camps . And have a look inside one of those camps! Gas-chambers? Yes, that’s right.

    How often have we heard after 1945: ” This can never happen again!! This will be far worse, IF WE LET THEM !!

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