Bangkok news: closed embassy and bloody streets

Bangkok is on fire

In brief: Opposition demonstrators, anti-government "krasnorubashechnogo 'protest, was killed by a direct hit with a rubber bullet in the eye.

Britain suspends its embassy in Bangkok because of unrest sweeping Thailand, reported news agencies. U.S. has already decided on Thursday to close its embassy in the Thai capital, where every hour the situation became more heated in the background of the army clashes with the opposition.

The Russian Embassy is also located close to the barricades of the opposition, but separated from them a few streets, will continue to work normally. Around the embassy situation is now calm. Tomorrow we will continue to work and reception of citizens in the normal mode, “- told a press attache of the Russian embassy in Thailand Vitaly Anop. Emergency Management Centre in Thailand has expanded the state of emergency for another several provinces of the kingdom, including the north, north-east and south of the country. New provisions on enhancing security measures throughout the country were announced in a live national television after a series of bombings and shootings in the heart of Bangkok. According to the document, under heavy security will be taken, important state facilities, as well as airports in Thailand. Meanwhile, in Bangkok, during clashes with opposition demonstrators by government troops at the barricades of the opposition in the city center killed one person, no less than twenty wounded. More than twenty people were injured by rubber bullets, several people were temporary defeat of the use of military tear gas during clashes with demonstrators troops in the area of the park Lumhpini. Movement “red shirts” demands the immediate dissolution of the Thai Parliament, saying that the current government headed by Abhisit Vetchachivo came to power unlawfully. The protests continued for a second month.

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