Dow Jones house is on sale

Estate of Dow Jones becomes the object of bidding

In brief: From Dow Jones was only the mansion, which will soon be sold, the exact price is determined.

The mansion with 45 rooms with a total area of over 1,8 thousand square meters. m and the adjacent land, on which there are yacht mooring, a restaurant and small hotel, called the “playground magnates. The estate called The Oaks in the vicinity of Boston boasts a rich history, reports Associated Press.

Its first owner was the 19 th century actor Lawrence Barrett, who played in one performance with Edwin Booth – the older brother killer of Abraham Lincoln. The second owner of the estate was Clarence Barron, who in 1902 bought Dow Jones & Co. and is considered a “father” of the influential business publication The Wall Street Journal. Stepdaughter Barron married a representative of the powerful Boston family Bancroft. Two years after the death of Barron, which occurred in 1928, the old mansion was demolished, and in its place was built the present. After that, he has several times changed owners. The palace frequently stopped American pop stars such as Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra.

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2010-05-16 08:46, Economics.

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