Euromillions: who wins 100 million euro

European lottery jackpot has given to British resident

In brief: Another lottery winning over 100 million euro went to the Albion. He is the happiest man now.

The resident of Great Britain won another lottery EuroMillions, winning 100 million 37 thousand 101 euro. True, this is only the third highest result ever Continental Lottery, established in February 2004. Lucky was the only one of 40 million players who have purchased tickets to this week’s EuroMillions, who managed to guess the seven rooms.

Each of the participants had one chance at 76 million 275 thousand 360, which struck out the figures would be correct. The previous edition was held on February 12 this year. Snatch (almost 65 million euros) foiled two players – from the United Kingdom and Spain. Record win (126 million 231 thousand 764 Euro) is also owned by Spaniards. It was recorded May 8, 2009. The French are considered the gambler in Europe, became the winners of three times – in 2005, 2006 and 2009

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2010-05-16 08:55, Society.

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