Lithuania awaits the default

Bankruptcy of Lithuania becomes a matter of time

In brief: Lithuania can not solve domestic economic problems of the country, experts expect a default in Lithuania.

According to customs declarations, and reports of the statistical agency – a system for collecting information and producing statistics on trade between the countries of the European Union in March 2010, Lithuania exported goods to 3.8 billion litas, imported – to 4.5 billion litas. (LTL 100 – 29,1 euro).

According to the Department of Statistics of the Republic, thus, the trade deficit of Lithuania increased by 29,5%. The most important partner of Lithuania in the field of exports in January-March 2010 were Russia (12,9%), Germany (11,9%), Latvia (9,4%), Poland (7.5%). As key partners in imports – Russia (35%), Germany (10,2%) Poland (8,7%), Latvia (5,4%).

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-16 11:29, Economics.

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  1. lol Says:

    What a nonsense. Was this written by a retard?

  2. AC Says:

    Interstellar experts see landing of alien space ships in Kiev as a matter of time as Ukraine can not solve it’s bad weather conditions. Average air temperature in Kiev in March 2010 was 5.2C, which is by 0.6 C lower than the year before. Dominant winds have been West-North (18.4%), North (14.2%), South West (9.3%) and South (8%).

  3. Nick Says:

    I agree with the two prior post. This is a likely pro russian nut writer.

  4. Gytaz Says:

    What the hell? What “experts”? You just made all this shit up, didn’t you?

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