Bangkok news: the number of victims of armed conflicts is increasing rapidly

Unrest in Bangkok resulted in the death of innocent civilians

In brief: Regular meetings in Bangkok turned into riots, the number of victims increases every half hour.

Bangkok news are tragic again. Bangkok engulfed by riots. Number of victims of riots in Bangkok has increased to 30 people affected – up to 232 people. Centre for Emergency Erawan reports that all the dead over the past four days were civilians.

Thus, the number of people killed since the start of anti-government demonstrations in mid-March, increased to 59. Most of them were civilians. At the same time the Thai government continues to assert that the purpose of military attacks are “terrorists” by the opposition. Recall that in the Thai capital for several weeks pass anti-government demonstrations. The current clashes between government forces and opposition activists, barricaded himself in a camp in the heart of Bangkok, continue with the evening of 13 May 2010. “Red Shirts” for the most part come from the slums and poor rural areas of Thailand, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Abhisita Vetchachivy, assuming that the current government came to power illegally, and do not take into account the interests of the poor majority population. Demonstrators seek democratic elections. The sympathies of the majority of them are on the side of the deposed by a military coup of 2006. Thaksin Shinawatra, who manages the activities of the opposition from abroad.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-16 13:42, Society.

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