Dow Jones Industrial Average falls into the powerful clutches of a bear flocks

Dow Jones Industrial Average goes down

In brief: The mood of investors towards the Dow Jones Industrial Average began to dim. The growth index was replaced by the fall, hopes for growth are absent.

Dow Jones Industrial Average fell, unable to grow. Futures on the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose, and bidding presented with an unpleasant surprise. Index falls. Stock trading in U.S. 17 May 2010. opened up different directions movement leading indexes. Investors reacted to the developments in the European economy, in particular the situation around Greece: the players of the stock market is still concerned that the measures taken to save it from default action may slow down the debt crisis in the region, and this in turn could destabilize the single European currency, which continued its fall on world currency markets.

In the course of trading on Asian sites euro fell to 4-year low against the U.S. dollar against the worsening of the debt problems of the eurozone. The pessimism of investors associated with the data that go out on an index of business activity in the manufacturing sector of New York. According to the report of the Federal Reserve Bank (FRB) of New York, a decline in May, much stronger than expected by experts (up to 19.1 points) against the April figure of 31.9 points. Meanwhile, analysts predicted that the index value of 30 points. Meanwhile, some support to the market providing corporate news from the field of M & A (mergers and acquisitions), which served as a positive backdrop for the opening of tenders. Operator network of clinics Universal Health Services Inc. agreed to buy America’s leading network operator of psychiatric hospitals, the company Psychiatric Solutions (PSYS) for $ 2 billion in a transaction in a network of clinics PSYS conditions will allow for the treatment of diseases associated with brain function. Universal Health also pledged to take the company’s net loss of $ 1.1 billion dollars Against this backdrop, shares of Universal Health Services Inc. grew by 7,6%. In addition, it became known today that the British investment company Man Group Plc. agreed to acquire GLG Partners Inc., representing the asset management services, for 1.6 billion dollars Shareholders GLG Partners will receive U.S. $ 4.5 per share, which is 55% greater than its market value on the closure of the auction on May 14. The combined company will manage the assets of 63 billion dollars on this background paper GLG Partners Inc. jumped in price by 48,1%. At 18:20 the Dow Jones index dropped by 17.31 points (-0.16%) – up to 10,602.85 points. At the same time the S & P rose by 1.94 points (0.17%) – up to 1,136.69 points, the index of Nasdaq – by 8.9 points (0.38%) and amounted to 2,355.69 points.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-17 15:14, Economics.

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