The exchange rate euro tends to the bottom

The exchange rate euro can not resist the pressure of the Bears

In brief: Euro again failed to overcome several obstacles and went into a deep negative. Currency analysts say that the euro exchange rate will decline further.

Exchange Rate Euro falls amid concerns investors in Europe. Speculators stopped buying euro worldwide. Toward the close of U.S. session on Tuesday, the euro / dollar rate has updated a minimum of 4 years amid rising concerns that the Eurozone financial institutions are in a much worse situation than assumed.

“In reality, the situation may be awful, hinting taken by Germany and Italy, measures” – says Layne Newman, director of currency trading ING Groep in New York. – “For the most part, the market now do not need a special reason for the decline. The Europeans have failed to reassure investors in mind that there was a serious break in favor of the flight from risk. Up until the situation has stabilized and appears at least some clarity, all risky assets will be under pressure. ” The euro overnight also remains extremely low.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-19 01:15, Currency news.

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