Dow Jones Industrial Average awaits for a miracle?

Average Dow Jones Industrial surprised investors with odious plans

In brief: Today was for the Dow Jones Industrial Average real test. Nerves of bears and bulls are on the limit.

Dow Jones index began trading with the stop. Further pressure was perceived by investors bear with caution. As a result, Dow Jones Industrial Average was unable to either fall or rise. Short-term bids remain the basis for today’s trade. Stock trades in the U.S. opened on 19 May 2010. growth of leading indexes. The positive effect of the actions of investors today in a U.S. macroeconomic statistics, which is published by the Department of Labor. According to published rates, consumer prices in the U.S. in April 2010. decreased by 0,1% compared to the previous month.

At the same time, according to experts, consumer prices in the country in April had to grow by 0,1% compared with March. Thus, the first time since March 2009. in the United States recorded deflation. Now Dow Jones index rose by 0.76 points (0.01%) – up to 10,511.71 points, S & P index – on 2,03 points (0.18%) – up to 1,122.83 points, the index of Nasdaq – on 6.15 points (0.27%) – up to 2323.41 points. Slightly dampened market sentiment, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority of Germany (BaFin) ban on unsecured, or “naked” short selling of the euro zone government bond and the relevant credit default swaps (CDS) for these bonds. According to the expectations of analysts, the news will affect the markets for a few days. Nevertheless, in contrast to the positive news from the U.S. in positive territory today traded securities of leading U.S. banks. Shares of one of the largest in the U.S. Bank of America Corp. already in the first hours of the trading session was added to the price of 1,63% and continue to go up. Also growing quotations Corporation Citigroup Inc. Bank and Morgan Stanley – to 2,14% and 1,42% respectively. It strengthens their position and one of the world’s largest PC manufacturers Hewlett-Packard Co. In its statement today the company announced an increase in net profit in II quarter of 2009-2010 fiscal year to 27,8% – up to 2.2 billion dollars against 1.72 billion a year earlier. Market participants with optimistic about the company’s financial performance, resulting in quotation HP in early trading rose by 2,01%. Against the background of optimistic financial reports rising quotes the second-largest retail chain in the U.S. Target Corp. (0.52%), one the world’s largest manufacturers of equipment for chip manufacturing Applied Materials Inc. (1.08%), as well as the world’s largest manufacturer of agricultural equipment, Deere & Co. (2.97%). In the red today traded securities of energy companies on the background of another collapse of prices for crude, which is the first time since mid-February 2010. fell below a mark 69 dollars / barrel. As a result, for most energy companies in the U.S. stock trading is in the red, including oil giant ExxonMobil Corp. (-0.51%), Its rival ConocoPhillips (-0,93%), and the oil company Schlumberger (-0,28%).

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2010-05-19 17:18, Economics.

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