Floods paralyzed Poland, Europe is on turn

Floods in Poland continues to take life day by day, the situation only getting worse.

In brief: Flooding Poland continues collect life daily, situation only deteriorates, Europe afraid that elemental force befall on other country.

Another element in this year fell on Poland. Europe, which all the forces fighting the financial crisis, now has a problem in the form of excess water. The flood, which swallowed up many areas of the capital of Poland, a threat to some countries in Eastern and Central Europe – experts say.

In their view, Germany, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Austria may feel the wrath of nature. And meanwhile in Warsaw closed all schools, kindergartens and nurseries. “High Water” is already the second day in Warsaw. The water level in the Vistula currently stands 7,75 m, which exceeds the so-called “anxiety level” at 1.25 meters. “We are preparing plans for possible evacuation for all areas of the city, where there is a threat of flooding” – say in the municipality of Warsaw.

Pavel Nurminen
2010-05-22 22:53, Society.

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