Israel: the peace with Hamas is impossible

Israel renounced the truce with Hamas

In brief: Today Israel have started bombing Gaza territory

Yesterday on Saturday of November, 21 Hamas concluded agreement with other Palestinian factions about quitting bombing Israel at this stage in order to avoid retaliation. But they reserved the right to repel aggression if Israel attacked first. Such measures were taken to restore Gaza after last shelling.

The Israel military operation held from December, 27, 2008 to January, 18, 2009 leaded to death of 1400 Palestinians.

But Israel authorities didn’t wish to keep such peaceful situation for even one day and today on Sunday have started bombing Gaza territory from the air.
Israeli aircrafts F-16 have bombed metal workshops and one of the missiles has fallen in the armoury in Gaza.

Thus Hamas has been forced to retaliate in spite of the peaceful agreement.

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2009-11-22 10:45, Society.

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