Dow Jones Industrial Average prays for the end of trades

Dow Jones failed to get out of minus and traded in the red zone

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average was very receptive to bad news from China and Europe. Negative background provoked Dow Jones index of cuddling up to a minimum.

Dow Jones Industrial Average was trying to find support in the positive statistics, the second a local level. As a result, Dow Jones index level off at 1.5% loss. Further upward movement was impossible. Fall Dow Jones index has stopped, but for how long it? Investors continue to panic. Brokers are on short positions and try to not be part of the excitement. Market loses its last hope.

Meanwhile, events in Spain this week forced the investors to pay attention not only on the problems of public finance Eurozone, but also the difficult situation in the banking system in Europe. The nationalization of a small bank CajaSur was a surprise to investors and, while the market is currently rumors that four Spanish banks (previously learned about the merger of Caja Mediterraneo, Caja Cantabria, Caja Extremadura and Cajastur) plan to merge , the tension on the prospects of the financial sector persists. CDS European banks have grown and spread yield on ten-year Spanish bonds remain near session highs near ot1.56%, rising for the day at 0.16%.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-25 18:28, Economics.

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