Keep it dark: Kiev lost the light

Kiev lost light because of Kyivenergo

In brief: Kyivenergo shutting of electricity not only in the streets, but some houses that have large amounts.

In the capital of Ukraine organized a dark. Energy supplying company “Kyivenerho”, as repeatedly promised, shut off lights seven main streets, as well as electricity to the area of Bessarabia. Indicative flogging, no accident has occurred in the heart of Kiev.

The incident took place because of the huge debts to the company from the mountain – a well-known utility company “Kievgorsvet”. According to “Kyivenergo”, company was forced to turn off street lighting Khreshchatyk, Lutheran, Gorodetsky, Zenkovetskoy, Khmelnitsky, Proresnaya Grinchenko. A few minutes ago it became known that not only the streets but in homes. There was a universal off lighting homes and streets, namely, Tryokhsvyatytelska Grushevskiy European Square.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-25 22:15, Society.

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