Dow Jones Industrial Average can decide its fate today

Dow Jones will attempt to show its strength to the whole world

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average is poised to rise after yesterday's leap up on the background of a catastrophic collapse in the early trading session.

Dow Jones Industrial Average started trading cautiously. Dow index will try to give a chance bulls lead investors in advance to the middle of trades. Analysts cautiously noted that today’s trading on the U.S. stock market will be extremely difficult and critical to the Dow Jones index. At the same time, the American stock market closed on Tuesday at a neutral background to reduce tension investors around Greece and purchases of shares at the minimum six-month lows.

“This is the culmination of sales. All this seems to me to surrender” – said Keith Springer of Capital Financial Advisory Services. “Today is one of those days when the market stops and thinks: maybe we sold too much, maybe we too have taken into account Europe – said John Kanalli of LPL Financial. – People are beginning to realize that there can be no magic wand which immediately solve this problem.” BKX index of U.S. banks rose to 49.23 (+1.03%). Equity Bank of America Co. grew at 0.58%, Wells Fargo & Co. at 0.66%, Morgan Stanley at 1.40%. U.S. stock indexes the previous day closing at: DJI-10,043.75 (-0.23%), S & P 500 – 1,074.03 (+0.04%), NASDAQ Comp. – 2,210.95 (-0.12%). On the eve of the U.S. trading session on the rise Enhanced Index futures S & P 500, which amounts to 1,082.90 (+0.92%). U.S. markets open growth. Commodity markets in European trading recovered against the background data on the reduction of stocks of gasoline in the U.S.. Crude oil futures mark Brent Oil (NYMEX) during the day at 71.36 (% +2.60), American crude oil WTI (NYMEX) 70.75 (+2.91%) at auction in Europe. Gold futures decreased to 1213.70 (+1.31%). Goldman Sachs Commodity Index XOI in the last session rose to 940.83 (+0.04%). Foreign Exchange Market on the trading day is characterized by a weakening U.S. dollar as a result of the continuation of corrective movements. Futures on the ICE Dollar Index to a basket of major currencies is 86.68 (+0.02%).

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-26 14:07, Economics.

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