Dow Jones Industrial Average is sweeping away the bears out of the way

Dow Jones gave bulls freedom

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average started confidently trading on U.S. stock market. In early trading Dow Jones took a low start, and easily gained 1%. After the successful launch index began gradually and confidently to overcome the pressure bears.

Dow Jones Industrial Average has sent bears in the long-term vacation. Dow Jones Industrial Average to stop all attempts to bring down the market bears from the path. The growth index has lasted half an hour. The losses that brought yesterday’s trades were insignificant against the background of strong growth. Brokers increase trading volumes to a record this week. Bearish trend is gradually receding into the past and the Bulls celebrated their first victory in the last three days.

At this point in time Dow Jones rose +112.68 (1.12%) and amounted to 10,156.43. Confidence in the Dow Jones inspired statistics on the volume of orders for durable goods in the U.S.. This index in April rose by 5.6 billion dollars, or 2.9%, compared to March – up to 193.9 billion, according to data report of the Ministry of trade of the country. Published data significantly exceeded forecasts of analysts on average expected growth in April, within 1.3%. Thus, the index returned to growth. In March, the volume of orders decreased by 1.2% compared with February. Durable Goods Orders include orders for products with a lifetime of more than three years – cars, furniture, etc., which generally account for more than 50% of all orders. The index is important to assess the current economic situation in the country, as well as gives an idea about the level of consumer confidence in the national economy and demonstrates their willingness to spend significant funds to buy enough expensive goods.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-26 14:53, Economics.

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