Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to squeeze out the bears to a minimum

U.S. Stock Market has become a battleground between bulls and bears

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average do not want to give bears even a chance. On the U.S. stock market today began a real war: the bears do not want to play a second role, the bulls continue to attack.

Dow Jones Industrial Average has failed to keep, plus 1%, but still trades above 10,000 points. Now Dow Jones Industrial Average gained +27.05 (0.27%) and returned to a mark of 10,070.80. Stock trades in the U.S. opened on May 26 the growth of leading indexes, whereas since the beginning of the week stock indicators dropped incessantly. Other stock market indexes are: Index S & P – at 180.93 points (1.57%) – up to 11,699.01 points, the index of Nasdaq – by 32.94 points (1.49%) – up to 2,243.89 points. Thus, as predicted, there was a technical rebound upwards. The positive trend emerged before, when opened in a minus, the Exchange to its closure were still able to play most of the losses.

Greater willingness to take risks due to U.S. investors, including the fact that their concern about the debt crisis in Europe, receded into the background, although they continue to hope for more life-affirming news from the other side of the ocean. At the forefront of today was favorable statistics of ministries, published to date. Half an hour after the opening of trading U.S. Department of Commerce published the encouraging data on new home sales in the U.S.. The index rose by 14,8% compared with the figure for March 2010., Reaching 504 thousand units, although projected to increase to 425 thousand units. This rate is highest since May 2008. There were also widespread evidence that the volume of orders for durable goods in the U.S. in April 2010. increased compared with the previous month by 2,9% and amounted to 193.9 billion dollars Meanwhile, analysts predicted that this figure will grow by 1,5%. In addition, the U.S. Department of Energy reported an increase in oil reserves for the period from 15 to 21 May at 2.4 million barrels. – To 365.1 million barrels. According to experts, the growth was up 200 thousand barrels. In addition to reports of U.S. ministries, optimism, investors also added a report published today by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which reported on the revision of the forecast for global growth in 2010. from 3,4% to 4,6%. According to experts of the organization, the most successful will be restored, the U.S. economy. According to expert estimates, the growth of real U.S. GDP in annual terms in 2010. amount to 3,2%. The same figure expected by countries and by the end of 2011. A rapidly creeping up the quotations of securities of banks and industrial companies, which over the previous days had suffered the greatest losses. Thus, the shares of one of the world’s largest banks, Citigroup Inc grew by 5%, Paper Bank American Express – by 0,5, shares Bank of America – on 1,94%, Morgan Stanley – by 3,1%. Securities industrial conglomerate General Electric Co grew by 2,4%. In addition, it became known today about the decision of insurance company UnitedHealth Group Inc to increase the size of dividends, which also did not remain without attention of investors – the market value of its shares increased by 2,2%. Positively on investor sentiment has also affected the ad producer of food Hormel Foods CorpHormel Foods Corp repurchase shares – the cost to date has increased by 1,3%. As expected, the “plus” open a tender for a pharmaceutical company Vertex Pharmaceuticals, on the eve of report on the positive clinical trials of a new drug to treat hepatitis C. its shares bounced already at 3.6%.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-05-26 19:21, Economics.

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