Dow Jones Industrial Average will lick new wounds

U.S. Stock Market has opened in positive zone, but left in a minus today

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average was trying to keep, plus all the forces, but the Bears proved to be persistent. A new wave of problems threatening the entire U.S. stock market still in the week.

Dow Jones Industrial Average has sought to stay in the green zone and used every opportunity, but could not. Bears merged with speculators playing in the short interval of time, and brought the index to minus. Analysts predicted that today would be very difficult for the U.S. stock market, but the day was even worse. Together with Dow Jones began to decline and the entire stock market. Now Dow Jones Industrial Average is 9,973.61 points. Index has lost -70.14 (-0.70%) over the last 25 minutes.

The collapse of Dow Jones Industrial Average came after new data from the statistics. The index of consumer confidence in the U.S. declined for the week to -45 points from -44 points a week earlier. The index ranges from -100 to +100. The index of consumer confidence ABC News is calculated based on a survey of about 1.000 respondents and is considered a barometer of consumer spending, which accounts for two thirds of the U.S. economy. The degree of error is ± 3%. With U.S. real estate market has also received very bad news. The average price of sales of new homes in the United States in April fell by 9.7% to 198,400 dollars from a revised to 219,600 dollars (214,000 U.S. primary) value in March, year over year decline in April was 9.5%. These statistics have led to the formation of a new wave of confidence of investors.

Pavel Migin
2010-05-26 20:04, Economics.

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