Dow Jones Industrial Average counterattacks

Dow Jones is preparing for takeoff in the long term growth

In brief: Futures Dow Jones Industrial Average rose amid expectations of positive economic statistics from investors. The bad news just rocked the stock market.

U.S. stock market was unable to cope with the bearish trend yesterday. Dow Jones Industrial Average index led trading in positive territory all day, but was less in the last 30 minutes. Bears have made their own and have reduced the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The American stock market fell on Wednesday against the background of the news that China may reconsider the policy of placing their funds in the economy of the eurozone. But today it became known that its investment strategy, he left unchanged.

“The market still exists for concern. Yesterday’s rotation does not mean that a market correction is completed, or that investors are confident in the direction of European policy, or the success of European politics”, – said Tim Griscom of Solaris Asset Management. BKX index of U.S. banks fell to 49.13 (-0.20%). Equity Bank of America Co. decreased by 0.13%, Wells Fargo & Co. at 2.98%, JPMorgan Chase & Co. at 0.41%, Goldman Sachs Group at 1.59%. U.S. stock indexes up to the previous day’s closing at: DJI-9,974.45 (-0.69%), S & P 500 – 1,067.95 (-0.57%), NASDAQ Comp. – 2,195.88 (-0.68%). On the eve of the American trading session on the rise Enhanced Index futures S & P 500, which amounts to 1,086.30 (+2.37%). U.S. markets open growth. Commodity markets in the European trading grow to support the growth of demand from investors for risky assets. “Today, U.S. demand (in oil) is actually still plays a role,” – remarked Christopher Bell of Bache Commodities. Macroeconomic data are very important, and also inspire confidence in the reconstruction, which is reflected in the prices of equities.

Crude oil futures mark Brent Oil (NYMEX) during the day at 73.02 (+1.28%), U.S. crude oil WTI (NYMEX) 73.23 (+2.41%) at auction in Europe. Gold futures rises to 1215.60 (+0.02%). Goldman Sachs Commodity Index XOI in the last session rose to 931.58 (-0.98%). Foreign Exchange Market on the trading day is characterized by reduction of the U.S. dollar against the backdrop of stabilizing the situation in the euro area and increased risk appetite among investors. Futures on the ICE Dollar Index to a basket of major currencies is 86.81 (-0.71%). In our opinion on the markets after the decline in the U.S. dollar may continue its consolidation, as current attenuation is the change in the trend toward the weakening dollar. In our view there is now a good opportunity to sell a couple AUDUSD short-term.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-27 13:36, Economics.

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