Dow Jones Industrial Average started trading fours

Dow Jones will fight for survival today

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average can not find a foothold after the rapid growth of the U.S. stock market yesterday. Bulls waiting for a chance to attack.

Dow Jones Industrial Average may not hold +284.54 points (2.85%). Trading at the U.S. stock market began volatility. Today’s bid for Dow Jones began with a mark 10,258.99. The main task is to keep the result achieved.

For the negative trend there are many reasons today – to the experts and market analysts. First, the bad news came from the American car market. American Ford Motor Company decided to eliminate the brand name Mercury. The reason for this decision was the drop in sales mark – since 2000 they decreased by 74%. The brand has existed in the market since 1930. The decision on this matter will be announced in July. The main task of Ford will mishandling relations with dealers Mercury, who will either close or merge with the main network of the concern. The insurance market also can not please stability. British insurer Prudential is looking for ways to reduce the amount proposed for the Asian unit of AIG, in response to growing pressure from investors. Recall that in March, Prudential agreed to buy American International Assurance for $ 35.5 billion, most of which American insurance giant had planned to spend on debt repayment. However, some shareholders of Prudential sure that the sum of suggestions too high. Thus, the British company is about a week to make a final decision on approval of the transaction.

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2010-05-28 13:44, Economics.

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