Dow Jones Industrial Average does not make friends with the bulls today

The negative trend continues, Dow Jones goes to minus

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average can not start trading with a low start. Analysts and experts are hoping that the second half trading on the U.S. stock market will be more successful for the Dow Jones.

Mixed statistics, in which there are positive and negative, was not able to give hope to the bulls. Traders started the day cautiously. Dow Jones Industrial Average fell a second time in a row because of low trading volume and the negative statistics at the local level. Now trading on the U.S. stock market are as follows:

Dow Jones Industrial Average remains at 10,190.06 points. The loss index is -68.93 points (-0.67%) now. Bears continue to strain the situation and forcing brokers gradually drop ballast. Among blue chips has no obvious leader fall, the growth can only dream of. At the same time, because the ocean has come good from the chemical industry. German chemical group Lanxess announced forecast for operating profit for 2010, according to which the rate will rise to 650 million euros ($ 802 million) – 700 million euros. Enabling the company’s expectations, primarily related to the strengthening of demand in the markets of Asia and Latin America.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-28 15:36, Economics.

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