Ukraine is trading low-quality goods

Ukraine suffers from substandard goods

In brief: Products on the shelves of Ukrainian stores are unsound. Among the leading products are bad food and products for general consumption.

During the first quarter of 2010 the State consumer standard rejected 343 tonnes (27%) of food products in the trade network in Ukraine. As the press service of the State Consumer Standard, including defective products were bread, pasta and confectionery products, sugar, meat, fish and dairy products, fat and fruits and vegetables, tea and coffee, baby food and eggs.

So, from the audited more than 168 tons of sugar, 23% were rejected, with more than 180 tons of meat rejected 48% of the 287 tons hleboproduktsii rejected 31% of the 146 tons of discarded fruits 53%, with 68 tons of oil and fat products rejected 35% to 72 t milk rejected 39%, from 107 tonnes of fish discarded 47% of the 111 tons of eggs rejected 22%, and 9 tons of tea and coffee rejected 33%. Volume proven alcoholic beverages amounted to more than 15 thousand dal, rejected and withdrawn from sale 26%. Normative documentation did not meet 22% of the audited 14 thousand given soft drinks and 21% audited 5 million pieces. tobacco products. supermarketNa consumer market Ukrainian experts of regional offices for the protection of consumer rights in Ukraine to check the goods and services worth more than 3,2 million hryvnia. Rejected and removed from the implementation of about 34%. All inspections were 304 economic entities. Breach detected in 90% of the audited companies. The thematic inspection in the I quarter of 2010 was inspected by 69.1 tons of frozen foods (vegetables, fruits and semi-finished products with a high degree of readiness) for a total of 1 million 603 thousand hryvnia (including 4 tons imported goods amounting to 120 thousand hryvnia) in 1582 enterprises. The violations were discovered during the verification 37,8 m (55%) of the product in the amount of 776 thousand hryvnia (including 1,5 tonnes in the amount of 38,6 thousand hryvnia imported) on 1,178 enterprises.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-05-30 12:00, Economics.

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