Casino robbed the Germans of 30 billion euros per year

The Germans lost at the casino for more than 30 billion euros

In brief: Germany is making money on the gambling industry. Germany earned a record $ 5 billion euro. The crisis makes the Germans have good luck at the tables.

Turnover of legal gambling industry in Germany is approaching 30 billion euros per year. A state revenues from gambling exceeded 5 billion. Players lose, the state wins. According to the German public center for drug, alcohol and gambling addiction, trafficking in legal gaming industry in 2008 amounted to nearly 25 billion euros.

According to experts, the crisis in 2009 it grew by at least 10 percent. At the same time the number of Gamblers – pathological gamblers – Germany reached, according to the center, 220000 people.

Discussions over the liberalization of gambling in Germany there is a long time. They are especially acute with the advent of the Internet and multiple virtual bookmakers. Admission to the German market, foreign companies and requires the EU. But betting on the Internet in Germany banned. Species of legal gambling in Germany a lot. This is a casino, various lotteries, slot machines, betting at the racetrack. They fall under different types of federal and Land laws. Accordingly, taxes on different types of gambling businesses fall into the federal budget, the budgets of individual provinces or cities. For example, the halls of gambling machines and one-armed bandits in pubs owned by private firms. But the concession of issuing municipal authorities, they also control the activities of these companies and get their taxes. The right of government control over gambling in 2008 was confirmed by a special agreement between the federal states of Germany. The main argument: “to ensure government control and restriction of the economic exploitation of the natural passions of the public to the game.”

Illegal Gambling

According to the newspaper business Handelsblatt, trafficking of illegal gambling reaches 7 billion euros. Other experts believe that it is hardly less than legitimate traffic. The main forms – installation of unregistered gaming machines, card games for money in private clubs and premises, and, of course, betting shops on the internet. By law, organizers of an illegal gambling business shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term of 5 years. And the players – imprisonment up to 6 months or a fine of up to 180 full-time earnings. This also applies to gambling on the internet – they are essentially banned. In fact, many sites on the Internet offer to bet on the results of the Bundesliga football matches, horse races, “Eurovision” and anything. Sites are registered abroad, the German authorities have taken against them can not.

Every second German is a player

60 percent of men in Germany and 50 percent of women at least once a year, trying to hit the jackpot. The stakes are distributed as follows: approximately one third of turnover accounted for a casino, a third more – on the slot machines, almost as much – in games like “Sportloto”, ie 6 out of 49. The rest – other kinds of lotteries and horse races. Especially popular in recent years enjoyed a lottery, where the main prize – not disposable millions, and a lifetime pension. Chances to win there. For example, in game 6 of 49 chance to guess all six numbers – 1 to 14 million. But in order to disrupt the jackpot, that is, the main jackpot, you must guess more and more, the seventh digit. Here is a chance to have 1 to 139 million. For comparison: the likelihood that a lifetime of you at least once pleases lightning is only a 1 in 20 million.

Are you enrolled in ludomany?

Ludoman – a pathological gambler. Compulsive gambling is akin to alcoholism and drug addiction. Gamblers in Germany, according to various estimates, there are to 220000. There is a society “Gamblers anonymous” – similar to Alcoholics Anonymous. In Hamburg, a society, however, American style calls himself gameholics, ie, “igrogolikami. It is published on the internet something like its own manifesto, the first steps toward healing. So let’s use them to check: you can have a couple of times to go to the play room or time to cure gaming addiction? Here are some of these steps:

1. We recognize that we are powerless to resist the temptation to play and my life is out of control. 2. We came to the conclusion that only a higher power can restore us to our spiritual health. March. We honestly and thoroughly carried out a moral inventory. 4. We are before God and people have openly admitted the true nature of our disease. 5. We have compiled a complete list of all those whom we harmed, and are ready to compensate and correct. How do I see, “gamers in Hamburg are so desperate that only God and hope. But if you’re resting honest eyes in the mirror, ready to subscribe to any of these confessions, it is time to seek help. In the church, under mutual aid or therapist.

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