Revolution from Apple gets a name – iPad

What to do with the new iPad?

In brief: IPad became a breakthrough for Apple, but the new toy has generated a lot of questions for which answers will be looking long and boring.

Market new products added to sufficiently revolutionary invention of Apple, which has both positive and negative aspects. Market introduction of the new invention from Apple – iPad has generated demand for accessories for it. The first, as often happens, in the wake of unmet demand started earning artisans, enthusiasts, now joined by major companies, writes The Wall Street Journal.

A fan of Apple products Chuck Pretto (Chuck Pretto) I could not think of what to wear his new iPad. So he decided to wear it for yourself. After last month 52-year-old manager ordered a new planshetnik, he realized that wearing the gadget in the portfolio would be too inconvenient and painful. Another handy bag to put it in a device the size of 9.7 inches and weighing half a kilogram, he was not. He even thought to buy another briefcase, but then in one of the blogs found waistcoat “compatible” with the iPad. Purchase cost $ 100. Pretto found a few items of clothing designed for iPad. For example, I bought a jacket Scottovest, with a pocket for it. Chuck Pretto not the only one who has any difficulties. Once in April Apple started selling iPad, gadget fans were faced with its transportation and preservation of the blows. iPad more iPhone, but smaller than most standard notebooks. Therefore, his appearance on the market was very interested in entrepreneurial individuals and companies. Some do for the gadget backpacks in the form of a robot from “Star Wars» C-3PO, others are developing industrial design clothes with pockets for the iPad. The interest in accessories for iPad is so great that even playful crafts are taken seriously. Design team from Chicago has created a digital prototype of jeans iBap (iGotaBigAssPocket) with one large pocket for iPad behind. Despite the fact that these jeans no one was not going to produce, designers have received about 50 letters to the question of where you can buy a pair or two.

A housewife from the town of Fairbanks, Alaska, Kate Clark (Kate Clark) sew coffer for the iPad, very similar to the feminine hygiene product, and called it iMaxi. Such an idea was born as a joke, because of the name of the gadget before they emerge. (Pad – in English one of the values of sanitary pads). Also, as a joke, photos cotton coffer Clark laid on artisanal online market Etsy. Price appointed to $ 30. Just a few days, interested users have sent her thousands of messages. Now, she simply does not have time to sew and I’m looking for companies to collaborate.

Luxury brands are also not left out of the new trends. Tumi Luggage, Gucci and many others said they were going to produce special bags for the iPad.

A group LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton) had earlier taken up the issue. The director of one of the units Carcelén Yves (Yves Carcelle) told me that as soon as it became aware of the issue iPad, the company contacted Apple, to see the size of the device. Last month, LVMH began selling cases with the logo of Louis Vuitton for iPad for 320 dollars, and in a few weeks on sale handbags alligator, which is twice more expensive than the gadget. Price for style assigned in 1850 dollars.

In some cases, entrepreneurs are doing re-branding existing products, to fit the iPad. In January 2010, the company which manufactures clothes for tourism and recreation Scottovest began making vests, which have a pocket designed for the iPad. Now the company is going to start sewing coats with inner pocket for the gadget.

Apple has produced accessories for their laptops, players and phones. For iPad it offers a black bag for $ 39. Company representatives say they are glad the interests of companies of light industry to the device and offers other ways to carry the gadget. “The market for iPod and iPhone has become to them an excellent opportunity to earn, and we are glad that the same enthusiasm aroused iPad», – the spokesman said Apple in an interview with The Wall Street Journal.

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2010-05-30 20:07, Commodities.

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