European stock markets come in a green zone

The stock market showed a positive trend today

In brief: Macroeconomic statistics, published today, wore a rather mixed. Thus, the index of business climate in the euro area in May totaled 0.34 points, whereas it was expected that the indicator does not exceed 0.2 points.

Monday, May 31, the main German stock market indices have shown positive dynamics. Lowering agency Fitch Ratings credit rating of Spain at the same level with the AAA to AA + negative impact on investor sentiment in early trading session. Nevertheless, rumors that central banks in connection with the debt crisis in Europe may postpone raising key interest rates at a later time period helped the indices to move in the green zone.

A preliminary index of consumer prices in the euro area by the end of May increased by 1,6% y / y, as expected, whereas the previous month consumer inflation in the region amounted to 1,5% y / y. Today it became known that President Horst Koehler (Horst Koehler) has resigned. The main motive for such actions served as a criticism, which caused his statements about the Afghan mission of the armed forces of Germany. External information background for today was rather scanty in the absence of trading on stock exchanges in the UK and the USA. As a result of trading a key index of German stock market DAX rose 0.31% to 5 964.33 points mark, a “broad” index HDAX rose 0.38% to values of 3 011.68 points. Shares of the second-largest producer of luxury cars Daimler “recovered” at 1,74% on the background of increasing analyst at Deutsche Bank target price of securities of the company from 42 euros to 50 euros. Quotes landlord Deutsche Wohnen rose to 2,32%. According to the report of the company, profit in the first quarter totaled 5.2 million euros ($ 6.4 million), compared with a loss of $ 2.2 million euros a year earlier. The market capitalization of the world’s largest producer of chemicals BASF rose by 0.49% after it became known that the new chairman of the board of directors was appointed Kurt Bock (Kurt Bock). It is also reported that due to this man company in his time managed to escape from a strategy of selling raw chemicals, as competitors from developing countries to cope with this task at lower cost. By 20:05 Moscow time futures for Brent crude for delivery in June went up by 0.446% to $ 74.35 per barrel. Gold prices rose to 0.355% up to $ 1 216.5 per troy ounce. The U.S. currency strengthened against the euro at 0.073% and rose against the Japanese yen to 0.220%.

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2010-05-31 18:39, Economics.

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