Unemployment in the EU has set a new record and threatens the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Unemployment in Europe could prevent the growth of Dow Jones Industrial Average

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average stops the growth of the bad news from Europe. The unemployment rate in the Old World is growing again. Unemployment in the European Union has set a new record.

The negative statistics from Europe may be a factor in the fall of Dow Jones Industrial Average. Analysts say the strong dependence of the Dow Jones Industrial European employment and expect strong fall of the U.S. stock market after the opening of today’s trading.

In April this year, the unemployment rate in 16 countries in the eurozone rose by 0.1 percentage point compared with May. Thus, for the last month the unemployment rate was only 10.1%, setting a new record in the eurozone and the EU. The previous record was registered in the euro zone in 1999, and in the EU – in January 2000. However, the unemployment rate for the whole EU at the moment remains unchanged at 9.7%. Total number of unemployed in the euro area rose by 25,000 between March and April of this year and now stands at 15.860 million. In the European Union over the same period the number of unemployed has increased by an identical score and amounts to 23.311 million people. The minimum level of unemployment in this April was recorded in the Netherlands and Austria – and there, and there he is at 4,9%, while the maximum – in Latvia, where it was 22,5%.

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2010-06-01 16:18, Economics.

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