Construction sector supports the Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow Jones Industrial Average breaks the direct growth

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average is in the green zone. Bulls believe in the growth of a new marathon Dow Jones.

Dow Jones slowly goes up. The construction sector has provided considerable support to the U.S. Dow Jones index. After the first wave of falling Dow Jones Industrial Average in early trading, began a slight increase in the barometer of blue chips.

Positive statistics from the U.S.: the cost of construction in April rose by 2.7%, expected constant value of the index, a month earlier had recorded a growth of 0,2%. In addition, the shoulder support framed news from the oil market. After a two-day rally growth, oil prices began cheaper. Another message to the American statistics was not so pleasant. U.S.: ISM index of economic conditions in manufacturing in May was 59.7 points, 59.0 points expected, the previous value of 60.4 points.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-01 14:40, Economics.

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