Ford helps Dow Jones Industrial to grow rapidly

Dow Jones Industrial Average showed growth.

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial Average rose against a background of excellent news from the automotive and riteylerskogo U.S. markets. U.S. stock trading ended at low volumes.

Вulls took control of the situation in the first half of trading and kept plus to the very end. Dow Jones Industrial Average rose +226.27 points (2.26%). Dow Jones added growth to the level of 10,250.29 points. Several companies that are in blue chips rose by 5.3%. There was a fiasco for the bears today. The background for the growth was the data from the U.S. automotive market.

According to the reported data and Ford total car sales of this brand in the U.S. in May rose to 192.2 thousand to 167.5 thousand units in April, compared with the previous year, sales of Ford vehicles in May were up 22% at the expected 16%. According to the reported data of General Motors Corporation total vehicle sales of this brand in the U.S. in May rose to 223.8 thousand to 183.9 thousand in April, annualized sales of cars General Motors in May rose 16.6% to 20% in April. The Dow’s other top gainers Wednesday included Alcoa, which climbed 1.6% and Caterpillar, which rose 1.3%. Both stocks fell Tuesday on investors’ worried about how the companies could be impacted by China’s efforts to slow its growth and economic struggles in the euro zone.

Ukrainian Globalist
2010-06-02 20:36, Economics.

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