US debt surpasses a mark of 13 trillions

United States is rapidly sinking into debt trap

In brief: Over the past decade, U.S. foreign debt tripled, reaching 13 trillion dollars. However, the allowable limit of debt took a step forward, who will come faster?

Powerful, strong and rich United States of America – those accustomed to call them and represent himself. However, what is it – just an illusion, suggestion of humanity? To date, U.S. foreign debt continues to grow by leaps and bounds, thereby endangering the entire world economy.

The last decade has been a record for the U.S. rate of growth of debt during this period, external debt had tripled and reached unimaginable dimensions – 13 trillion dollars. And yet the country is not disheartened, by all means trying to keep what belongs to her – the legend of the wealth, power and happiness. After all, if everyone thinks you succeed, you seem to be getting so – the American dream of a beautiful life becomes tangible quality. Always smiling President Barack Obama with his light hand moves the top line of the permissible for the state of external debt. Thus, with the February 2010 the allowable limit has increased from 12.4 to 14.3 trillion dollars – now all his best again, is not it cool when you set the rules himself. It is worth noting that during the period in office of Barack Obama’s U.S. foreign debt grew by 2.4 trillion dollars, while for the entire 8-year-old during the reign of George W. Bush, this figure had grown to 4.9 trillion dollars. To date, the country’s Finance Ministry said today that America’s foreign debt amounts to 90% of GDP. Yet the U.S. is not such a problem, because it does not owe them, but what about other countries?

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2010-06-03 08:45, Economics.

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