The road to NATO is closed for Ukraine

Ukraine will never go to NATO

In brief: Yanukovych is confident that Ukraine should not join NATO. Alliances and blocks do not need an official Kiev.

Ukraine’s parliament confirmed the previously announced status of the country, taking in the first reading a law on the basis of domestic and foreign policy. Over 253 ukrainian deputies voted for the document when it was necessary to gain 226 votes. 81 voted against the project.

The law declared “compliance blocs policy, which means non-participation of Ukraine in the military-political alliances, the priority of participation in the improvement and development of a European system of collective security, to continue constructive cooperation with NATO and other military-political blocs on all issues of mutual interest.” Amends Law on Fundamentals of National Security of Ukraine “dated 2003., Which excludes items on the priority of integration into Euro-Atlantic security and membership in NATO. The document provides for “Ukraine’s integration into European political, economic and legal space for the purpose of gaining membership in the European Union. The Act provides for the use of armed forces only in cases of acts of armed aggression against Ukraine and any other armed assault on its territorial integrity and inviolability of state borders, combating international terrorism and piracy, or in other cases stipulated by international treaties. Meanwhile, in the buildings of Parliament during the consideration of a bill in Parliament on the basis of internal and foreign policies struck by lightning. She hit the spire mounted on the dome of the Verkhovna Rada.

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2010-06-03 11:05, Society.

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