Swine flu: the more we fight – the more it spreads

A/H1N1 continues conquering the world

In brief: The World Health Organization published the latest information about swine flu spreading all over the world. Thus there are more than 526 000 registered accidents of A/H1N1 virus diseases.

According to the last data of the World Health Organization (WHO) published on November, 20 there are over 526 000 laboratory-confirmed cases of swine flu and at least 6770 deaths due to A/H1N1 virus all over the world.

The pandemic spreads generally over Europe, North America and western Asia.

Thus in Czech Republic there have been 7 people died of swine flu. Doctors consider that A/H1N1 virus primary causes leukaemia which then becomes the reason of death. In 14 regions of the country with general number of diseased 2000 people the epidemic was proclaimed. Czech Government has begun the voluntary vaccination against swine flu and also made Tamiflu purchases.

Also vaccination centers are being established in Hungary, Portugal and Netherlands. In these countries including France the quarantine regime is entered in schools and other educational establishments.

At the same time both in Norway and China the mutation of swine flu was fixed. Scientists consider that swine flu has already mixed with other types of flu creating its new form which causes quick deaths.The same mutation has been found before in Ukraine, Mexico, Brazil, Japan and the USA. Now WHO is investigating these cases.

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2009-11-25 13:12, Society.

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  1. Sean Rushforth Says:

    A UK drugs company have launched an investigation into 170,000 swine flu
    vaccines that caused patients to suffer side effects.

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