Dow Jones Industrial Average may end the day by a huge collapse

Dow Jones Industrial Average begins to prepare for the defense

In brief: Dow Jones Industrial preparing to repel bears. Bulls are not on a particular desire to provide a shoulder to support the Dow Jones index.

At the moment of time Dow Jones Industrial Average gained 28.87 points (0.29%), but the Dow index is still below the mark of 10000 items. Dow Jones Industrial Average of 9.845.36 points. Yesterday, the index dropped to 9,816.49 points. The background for a slight increase today was a speech by Ben Bernanke. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke said that economic recovery may not result in the rapid decline in unemployment.

Taking into account the depth of the recession, economic recovery is fairly moderate pace, according to Bernanke. According to Bernanke, the Fed will raise interest rates to record low levels even before the economy returns to a situation of full employment, although a more specific term beginning this process remains unknown. The banking system is still weak, and loans are still issued with caution. A colleague of Bernanke’s Dennis Lockhart, the head of the FBI in Atlanta, said in a statement on June 3 that interest rates will have to raise even with unacceptably high level of unemployment. Traders do not expect a rate hike until the first quarter of 2011, according to the dynamics of futures on the Chicago Stock Exchange. Bernanke and his colleagues will give the adjusted economic outlook during their next meeting in Washington on June 22-23.

Anrey Torbinski
2010-06-08 18:32, Economics.

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