IAEA is on the way to solve general nuclear problem

Iran denies its nucler danger

In brief: IAEA is going to adopt resolution on nuclear problem of Iran

IAEA session has started its work on November, 26 in Vienna. The main task to solve is the nuclear problem of Iran. It is to adopt resolution on nuclear problem of Iran in order to involve international community to the problem.

The project of Resolution is prepared by six powerful states – Russia, the USA, China, Great Britain, France and Germany. IAEA asked Iran to reveal the aim of construction of nuclear complex “Fordo” as well as to prove the abcense of secret nuclear researches. The resolution in case of its adoption has to be sent to UNO.

The representative of Iran in IAEA Ali Asgar Soltani repoted that in case of the adoption of such resolution Iran would reduce its cooperation with IAEA. He also denied secret neclear reseaches and any nuclear danger from Iran.

Maria Velikanova
2009-11-27 10:38, Society.

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