The exchange rate euro and expensive oil

Oil and the euro became brothers

In brief: The exchange rate euro continues to stabilize at the minimum levels of support. Commodity markets, particularly oil becomes more expensive.

The exchange rate euro starts the game to increase. What was happening in the past few days, the strengthening of the euro and at the same time weakening the dollar could not affect the primary sites – up to yesterday’s trading oil has risen again. The July Brent crude contract rose in price by 1,37%, reaching values of 75.29 dollars per barrel, the next grade WTI futures rose to 1,48% – to 75.48 dollars per barrel.

On Friday morning the U.S. dollar exchange rate increases, and the motion vector quotations hydrocarbons downward, although the decline and low. National Statistical Office of Great Britain to unveil the April level indicators of industrial production in 12:30. U.S. Department of Commerce will publish data on the volume of retail sales in May at 16:30 and on stocks of goods in warehouses in April at 18:00. At 17:55 the University of Michigan will issue a preliminary value of the calculated index of consumer confidence in the U.S. economy in June.

Igor Tringlers
2010-06-11 12:03, Economics.

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